SBS EuroBase Ready-Made Boilies- Krill-20mm

28,50 zł

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Quality at an affordable price. We know that many carp anglers were waiting for SBS to come out with a more affordable product. The question of many people is, how can the price be so low without making the quality lower? The answer is simple: experimentation, product development, and continual testing. It is true that the most expensive additives that are often used by SBS are missing from the ingredients, but we have managed to develop a product that is easily digestible for carp and can successfully be used on longer sessions. It is important to note that the flavours are the same in these baits as the ones used in the more expensive products. We recommend this bait be used away from competitive fishing and in situations when it is reasonable to feed a larger quantity. This bait fits the big waters, the well-stocked reservoirs, the rivers, and all other kinds of water. If you go on a longer session or to big natural water, then take EuroBase Ready-Made boilies!

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